10 High Paying Overseas Jobs with No Experience Necessary

The article on high paying overseas jobs with no experience necessary is a list of best career opportunities for expats who have just graduated from college and are looking for jobs that will help them to finance their overseas trip. Millennial workforce believes in a completely different version of the ‘American Dream.’ Many Millennials are not interested in corporate jobs, mortgages and car loans. Their highest ideal is to keep their life interesting and travel wherever and whenever they wish. That is why the number of digital nomads is increasing at a very fast pace.

Digital nomads are mainly young professionals, who have decided to replace the corporate job setting with a remote digital work that allows them to travel the world. They usually travel to exotic places where they can take advantage of the strong dollar. Some of them are entrepreneurs or work for steady employers, while others look for one-time gigs on freelance work platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, or 99Design. On today’s market, if you are a programmer, web designer, tester or a community manager, the only thing you need for conducting your business is a laptop and a strong internet connection.

10 High Paying Overseas Jobs with No Experience Necessary


Unfortunately, many people don’t have the adequate experience and education to work in the IT or the digital marketing field, and they still want to travel the world and live their dream. Peace Corps offers great traveling opportunities, but the reimbursements you get for the volunteer work are often not high enough to finance the extensive traveling.

If you want to become an expat or a nomad and live from your work, while traveling overseas, you should look for a steady job that will provide you a solid salary and some other financial incentives. Remember that in whatever country you go, you will need to rent an apartment, buy food, travel around and socialize with locals and other expats. This requires money, and each dollar you earn overseas will make your expat life more interesting and meaningful.

There are many jobs that don’t require previous work experience and can be done both overseas and in the United States. By finding a job while traveling, you will also gain diverse work experience which can be very helpful when you decide to settle somewhere and start your corporate or entrepreneurship career. Most employers value the overseas work experience more than the domestic one because it tells them that you are easily adaptable and you can work in diverse teams and multicultural environment.

We have ranked these jobs according to the salary information that we have found on Pay Scale, and many other websites that gave us the better insight in unusual overseas job posts. These were our prime information sources: Teachaway, ForeignLegion, Work.chron, GoatsOnTheRoad, Airswift; Money.cnn.

If you want to learn more about the high paying jobs, check out our article on Highest Paying Jobs in the World. Worldwide job platforms, like Craigslist, Indeed or Jobbatical can also be very helpful for starting a promising career overseas. If you are interested in applying for some of these positions, make your own pay scale inquiry beforehand. Finding information about average salaries in different countries can be quite tricky, so for some positions, we used the United States average salary and the data from various career and business blogs. We hope that our list of high paying overseas jobs with no experience necessary will help you to improve your career prospects and give you more traveling opportunities.