10 Good Excuses for Missing Class in High School and College

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We all needed good excuses for missing class in high school and college at least once in our lifetime, and that is why we’ve decided to create this list for you. We know what is like to be a student and how you desperately need a break once in a while. Well, with these legitimate excuses for missing class on our list below you will get your break!

Before we just list you good excuses for missing class in college, we just want to say that we don’t encourage skipping classes all the time and not being a good student. Good excuses for missing school for a day should be used occasionally, only when you really need it, when you are tired from studying, or from a part-time job you have, or if you need time for studying for another exam, etc. To sum up, we recommend using some of these excuses for not going to school to tell your teacher only for good reasons.


Well, let us explain how the teacher sees your absence in their class, using the information we got on Quora. For most of the time, any excuse you give to your teacher will only make them feel that their class is not important to you. Remember, teachers were also once students, they are not that naive, they usually just have understanding for you. Hence, using excuses to get out of class high school often will not make you popular with your teachers, and you can end up having a bad grade just because of that. Even if you study well. Only because missing classes will naturally lead to the impression you don’t respect the teachers and don’t value their teachings.

“Alright, enough with the lecture you too” – we hear you. We hear you! And, right after we tell you how did we come up with these good excuses for missing class in high school and college, we’ll present you our list that you will probably save to your desktop to have it always ready in case of an emergency. To find the best possible excuses for missing class, besides our personal experience, we relied on CollegeMagazine and DocFormats for suggestions. If you are looking for excuses to miss class in advance or good excuses for missing class for a week we’ll start our list with the one you’ll need.

For all the older folks out there who are looking for some excuses for missing work – we got you covered with 14 Good excuses to miss work on short notice and 13 Good excuses to miss work for a day.

And, finally, let’ see the 10 good excuses for missing class in high school and college!

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