10 Good Cheapest Cigarette Brands in 2017

Everyone always wants to save money, and this list of the 10 good cheapest cigarette brands in 2017 will help smokers do just that.

I don’t smoke, but I’m aware of how expensive cigarettes are, especially in New York. That being said, it’s an addiction, and the price of a pack or a carton isn’t going to deter anyone who’s psychologically dependent on nicotine, and I don’t judge them for that. I have a few friends who are smokers and they’re definitely picky about the brands they choose, though. It’s important if they’re wanting to spend less that they’re still getting the flavor and qualities they like in less expensive brands. Let’s be real — not everyone can afford to buy their ideal smokes every single time.

The price per carton of cigarettes depends on a few factors. One of the most important is whether or not the company sells them in the same country they’re produced in or if they’re being exported. Exported cigarettes are pricier than those that are created and sold in the same country. Another factor that impacts the price is the quality of the tobacco that year. If the weather wasn’t that great, then the price will probably be lower in a semblance of fairness to the customer. Tobacco companies are trying to step up before other companies by adding flavors to their products as well, like chocolate, vanilla, or the classic menthol.

According to Smoke Free’s report, people are spending enormous amounts of money on cigarettes. If someone is smoking one pack per day, they are spending approximately $160 per week on smokes. This may not sound huge (well, it kind of does anyway), but looked at another way, it equals about $8,300 per year. If you choose to buy cheaper cigarettes, you’re not necessarily getting bad tobacco. In fact, according to a lot of people, the giant tobacco companies use this trick to lead you to believe that more expensive cigarettes are the best. The cost of smoking, however, isn’t always the monetary cost; it also affects your health. If you’re trying to decrease the amount of nicotine and tar you’re consuming, take a look at our list of the 5 Healthiest, Least Harmful Cigarettes with the Least Chemicals.

However, if you enjoy smoking cigarettes that are just the way you like them, but your budget is shrinking, this list will be your best friend. We took the cigarette brands by their sales according to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention as our starting point. Considering the huge price differences among states, we decided to look at online retailers to get a more accurate conclusion. We looked at Duty Free Depot, KiwiCigs, and USA Cigarettes. From each, we took the best brands calculated by their sales, picked their cheapest product, and calculated the average price. But, keep in mind that the price varies from one state to another 

Keep reading for our list of the 10 good cheapest cigarette brands in 2017.

10. Parliament Carat Blue

Parliament is a brand owned by tobacco giant Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE:PM). If you are addicted to the flavor, you can enjoy a box of their Parliament Carat Blue for approximately $30.75.

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9. Dunhill Master Blend (RED)

The British American Tobacco PLC (ADR) (NYSEMKT:BTI) brand is highlighted with an elegant gray band on the extraordinary red flip-top box. You can enjoy the flavor of this tobacco company’s smokes for between $27.71 and $30.

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8. Davidoff ID Blue

Davidoff ID Blue contains 6.0mg of tar and 0.5mg of nicotine. It also has a great black box and high-quality tobacco. With this product, Davidoff found its place on the list of the 10 good cheapest cigarettes brands in 2017. If you want to spend less money on cigarettes but still want to enjoy great flavor, ID Blue will allow you this satisfaction for about $27.04.


7. Benson & Hedges Gold

If you are looking for strong cigarettes full of flavor for a lower price, Benson & Hedges created Gold just for you. You can enjoy their flavorful cigarettes for a price of between $23 and $30.

6. Winston Filters

“Filters” is the strongest Winston product in terms of tar and nicotine levels. It contains 10mg of tar and 0.8mg of nicotine. When it comes to its price, it is also the cheapest product with a price of no more than $30.

5. Pall Mall Azure

British-American tobacco company Pall Mall won’t disappoint you with its Azure product. With its 0.4mg of nicotine and 4mg of tar, no matter if you smoke strong or light cigarettes, this will be a good choice for you. One carton will cost you about $22.50.

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4. Marlboro Blue Fresh (Menthol)

With its outstanding design, you cannot possibly resist this Marlboro product. Blue Fresh, which is menthol, has a wonderful flavor and its one of the best Marlboro cigarettes. For approximately $22.50 you will get high-quality tobacco.

3. Camel One

With Camel One that ranks 3rd in our list of good cheapest cigarette brands in 2017, not only will you save money, but perhaps even your health a little (compared to other brands). Camel One is a light cigarette with the lowest possible levels of nicotine and tar, as well as the lowest price compared to other Camel products. The brand is owned by Reynolds American, Inc. (NYSE:RAI).

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defotoberg / Shutterstock.com

2. Chesterfield Agate Super Slims 100’s

With its extraordinary design, everyone who smokes cigarettes will probably want to try Agate Super Slims 100’s. Despite its design, Chesterfield also made sure you will get high-quality tobacco for under $23.



1. Lucky Strike Click & Roll

Not long ago, Lucky Strike released its inventive new product Click & Roll, which are menthol cigarettes that rank first in our list of good cheapest cigarette brands in 2017. Don’t let the low price of around $20.10 trick you because the price does not always determine the quality of the product.

If you want the best-tasting cigarettes at the lowest price, we hope this list of the 10 good cheapest cigarette brands in 2017 will help find a suitable replacement for your expensive tobacco.

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