10 Fun Small Group Team Building Exercises for Kids

Give kids amazing experiences with the help of these 10 fun small group team building exercises for kids. We often think of how we can make a successful team building event for adults. Activities are often done at work or professional settings and we often forget that we participated in these types of activities in the past as children. It’s good to be able to build strong relationships between children as it can foster positive attitudes and good characteristics early in their lives. The activities are also very fun and are things they won’t be able to do alone.

Proper guidance, understanding and most of all being relaxed and enjoying the activities will affect those in the group as well. Once these activities are done, the children will start to acknowledge each other better and may even lead to lifetime friendships. Due to the nature of these activities, you may even try to employ them in team building sessions at work. For other ideas, we also have The 6 Best Company Team Building Activities to Build Workplace Camaraderie. Though optional, these activities can prove useful and important as it allow people to go outside the realm of their daily life and do something different.

The list here is ranked in no particular order. It would really depend on the activity that you really want to do. You may find that there are a lot of activities here that can be enjoyable for you and the kids. Let’s go ahead and learn these 10 fun small group team building exercises for kids.

10. Wheelbarrow Race

If you’re not familiar with a wheelbarrow race, it’s a race that requires two people for each team. One will be the wheelbarrow and the other will be the one handling. One person must lie down on his/her front and put his/her legs out. The other person will then hold the legs. The one lying down must then use his/her hands to move. The first team to the finish line wins.

Fun Small Group Team Building Exercises for Kids