10 Easy Team Building Activities for Small Groups

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Build better workplace relationships using these 10 easy team building activities for small groups. Team building has become a necessary practice in all kinds of places. It allows people to break the ice and get to know the people around them better. When friendships are built and developed in the workplace, it often means better productivity and teamwork. It also creates a positive environment where everyone supports each other. As such, team building activities are built so that employees or groups can learn to depend on and be comfortable with one another. It also gives them a break from the daily grind.

There are so many types of team building activities and each of them can be used in different scenarios. Small groups are generally easier to handle as you can really focus on developing each person and the group as a whole. You’ll find that the activities listed here are best for small groups as they tend to go chaotic as you increase the numbers. If you’re looking for a larger scale, we also have a list of The 6 Best Team Building Activities to Build Workplace Camaraderie. The good thing about these team activities is that you can perform them anywhere and requires little investment of money or resources.

There is no significant ranking of the activities listed here as some people may find one activity easier than the other. It all boils down to preference and you may get to use each of these in your own environments. Let’s go ahead and learn more about these 10 easy team building activities for small groups:

10. Bonding Belt

The goal of this team building activity is for a team to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. You can treat this as a race and there are many ways to tie a group together. Ideally the best maximum number in a group should be six as to avoid any chaotic events. It is a quick activity that’ll only last 15-30 minutes.

Easy Team Building Activities for Small Groups

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