10 Easy Immigration Countries For Indians

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What are some easy immigration countries for Indians? 

Immigrating to a new country can be a daunting challenge. You are a stranger in a strange land. But the process of separating from your homeland and settling into a new one is a lot easier if you spot a familiar face in the crowd.

A survey conducted by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs sought to investigate the status and numbers of migrants from around the world. The findings revealed that the number of migrants around the world (where a migrant is defined as someone living in a country other than where they were born) reached 244 million in 2015 which comes out to be a 41% increase over the last 15 years.

10 Easy Immigration Countries For Indians


Crucially, the survey also revealed that India was the country with the largest number of migrants who had moved on to greener pastures. The total number of international migrants with Indian origin came out to be 15.6 million people. But which countries are the best for Indian immigrants?

We compiled a list of the countries which Indian immigrants will find it the easiest to settle in by looking at two crucial factors. The first one being the number of migrants of Indian origin living in a given country the data for which we got from the above-mentioned study. The argument is that the more number of people of Indian origin living in a particular country, the easier it would be for an Indian to feel at home in such a country. Having a high number of migrants of Indian origin would also indicate that the country’s immigration policies are more favorable in terms of accepting migrants from India.

But in order to sort the list of countries, we also looked at a second key variable which is the Human Development Index (HDI) score for a given country. The Human Development Index (HDI) score gives an indication of the ease of living in a country, based on various key factors such as the average lifespan, standard of living, education level, etc. of the average citizen which serves to quantify the quality of life of a person living in that country.

Our reasoning is that the higher the quality of life in a country, the easier it would be for Indian immigrants to settle in that country and discover the opportunity to build the sort of life for which they had left their home for. Thus we only considered the countries with an HDI score of greater than 0.800. This helps us to remove countries such as Pakistan and Nepal from the list, which despite having a high number of immigrants of Indian origin are not the sort of countries which you would think of as offering a high quality of life. In fact, many people living in Pakistan themselves want to immigrate to another country. We actually compiled a list of the 6 easiest countries to immigrate to from Pakistan.

Unfortunately our HDI cut-off also explains the absence from our list of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom which despite having a large Indian diaspora, fall short of our stringent HDI score cut-off. Having applied this filter, we arrived at the list of countries which are best to migrate to if you are an Indian citizen.

Another variable that we thought would be of great interest is the amount of remittance sent back home to India by immigrants of Indian origin. One of the key reasons for immigrating for Indians is to find an easier way to make money which they can send back home. A study conducted by the United Nations found that Indians from around the world sent over $60 billion worth of remittances back to their country of origin in 2016, which made India the country receiving the most remittances in the world. The data for the remittances sent back to India was received from a study conducted by the World Bank which had data on remittances received in 2015.

Let’s take a look at 10 easy immigration countries for Indians.

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