10 Easiest Occupational Therapy Schools To Get Into

Today we are going to talk about the 10 easiest occupational therapy schools to get into. Click to skip our introduction and methodology and jump to the top 5 easiest occupational therapy schools to get into. If you are planning to study for a profession, but not sure what it should be, or if you are not happy with your career and looking for a switch, this article is for you.

Right off the bat, let’s understand what occupational therapy (OT) really is. Occupational therapists help people do or participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (also known as occupations). Occupational therapy is a science degree-based, social care and health profession. It needs a holistic, ‘whole-person approach to physical health and mental well-being. An occupational therapist can help people develop and reach their potential. Occupational therapy includes practical support to help individuals with recovery so that they live a fulfilling life. The word “occupation” means practical methods to enable people to lead an independent life. OT is especially focused on physically- and mentally-challenged people who are unable to perform daily human activities smoothly. Children and adults of all ages turn to occupational therapists with a range of conditions, such as learning or physical disabilities and mental health illnesses. Occupational therapists work for social care services, education, health organizations, housing, voluntary organizations or they can be independent practitioners.

10 Easiest Occupational Therapy Schools To Get Into

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So what do occupational therapists do? Let’s say a person was injured in an accident, and they completely stopped driving because of the fear that event infused in them. Not being able to drive to perform your daily tasks usually affects your and your family’s life. This is where occupational therapists come in. An occupational therapist will help this person start driving again. For that they will use science-backed techniques they learned in OT schools. This is just one example. To name a few other examples, occupational therapists help people do the activities they need or want to do. OTs help people who cannot lead active lives (think arthritis patients), had a severe trauma in their childhood, cannot play, cannot go to the bathroom and are unable to interact with other people. Occupational therapists also work with people who live with some kind of physical disabilities. These therapists concentrate on enabling the patients to overcome barriers, developing their well-being and helping them to adapt their modified life-style. People having mental issues can also count on occupational therapists, as they support them to develop their self-care, and to live independently, among others. People in their golden age can also ask occupational therapists help to go on with pursuing the daily activities that improve their well-being and both mental and physical health. 

In order to compile our list of the easiest occupational therapy schools to get into, we consulted U.S.News and Niche to see all the schools that offer OT programs. Additionally, we also studied various sources, including Reddit, to see how students appreciate all the information collected on Niche. After narrowing down to the schools where acceptance rate is 100%, we focused on the schools with lowest tuition fees/year. We mined some data about the colleges based on some key metrics like total aid awarded/year, starting and median salary 6 years after graduation, and the quality of reviews. With every college we will mention its fee details as well.  These quotations are not older than half a year. Occupation therapy is one of the most useful and growing careers in the world. If you have a limited budget and you want to pursue OT as a profession, check out 7 most affordable occupational therapy schools in the US. If you are interested in medicine but your grades are not up to the mark, you can check out medical schools with highest acceptance rates in America. Education is swiftly becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in terms of economy.  Some of the education stocks we are paying attention to are Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (NASDAQ:LOPE), 2U Inc. (NASDAQ:TWOU), One Smart International Education Group Limited (NYSE: ONE) and American Public Education, Inc. (NASDAQ:APEI).

Let’s begin our list of 10 easiest occupational therapy schools to get into.