10 Easiest First Time Jobs To Get For Teenagers

Your parents might be pestering you to get up and get a job to save some of your own money instead of borrowing from them, so this list of the easiest first-time jobs to get for teenagers is a great resource for you.

For a lot of jobs, the application process is daunting and, quite frankly, aggravating. There’s only so many times you can write or type your name and information without wanting to tear off your arms. It’s mostly worth it when you finally score a job and start making money, but avoiding it until you’re applying for other full-time positions is always nice.

10 Easiest First Time Jobs To Get For Teenagers

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The most important aspects of a job for a teenager, especially a first-time job, are flexibility in scheduling, location, and the things you like doing. It’s not exciting to apply for a job you’re not interested in, and that’ll reflect in your demeanor at your job, so try to stick to things you think you’ll like. The location is important because you’ve either just gotten your license or you don’t have one yet, so you need to make sure it’s fairly close to home. Make sure your schedule can be flexible, too, so you can work this around school. If you’re simply looking to fatten up your savings account, though, check out the highest paying part-time jobs for teens.

My first jobs weren’t glamorous. I definitely wasn’t sitting at a desk doing something I loved or working a normal schedule during the weekdays. Lower your expectations just a bit because even though these might be easy to apply for, they’re a lot of work when you’re in them. In my first job at a grocery store, I had to clean grime off the floor under the freezers, which was disgusting despite it being an easy job to get. I’m glad I’m not doing that anymore and I wish you luck if that’s a task you’re assigned.

In order to create this list, I took some recommendations from job hunting websites, like Money Crashers, LocalWise, and Snag-A-Job. I also threw in a little bit of personal experience here. These aren’t ranked, since all jobs do require some type of vetting process that, while it varies, is fairly equal in difficulty.

If you’re a first-time job seeker, keep reading to learn more about the easiest first-time jobs to get for teenagers.