10 Easiest Fiddle Tunes for Children

Internet music classes, lectures and a bunch of free music sheets make music learning much easier, and what’s best you can do it from your home, so we have listed here the 10 easiest fiddle tunes for children which they can master easily.

Learning to play violin, or fiddle is surely not the easiest choice of musical instrument, as you can see from our list of 10 Easiest Instruments to Learn how to play. Although the two terms refer to the same instrument, the common difference is being made between fiddle and the violin only in terms of different music styles. Therefore, fiddle being used mostly for country, bluegrass, and traditional kinds of music, while violin is primarily referred to classical music. That is why we decided to primarily (but not solely) focus on fiddle kinds of music, which are, luckily, easier to play at the start. Nevertheless, even the easiest fiddle tunes can get way too complicated in the hands of virtuosos.

10 Easiest Fiddle Tunes for Children


And although used for “simpler” kinds of music, that music is often very fast, like Irish jigs and reels or polkas for example. Interestingly, most of the traditional music played on fiddle was written down in 18th and 19th century containing a bit of a romantic spirit of those times. Some of them, Like Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya, Rocky Road to Dublin or Amazing Grace, apart from being the highlights of their time, remained so popular that the number of adaptations and variations of these songs grows in popular music even today.

We explored some of the music and violin/fiddle/string instrument oriented websites and forums in order to find some of the easiest fiddle tunes for children. Some of them are the Fiddle Jam Institute, the Session, Fretless Finger Guides, Artist Works. There are also some good fiddle teaching websites, such as Online Fiddle School with Darol Anger, and also websites where you can get some sheet music for free, like the Violin Sheet music. And also, never miss the YouTube, as an unlimited source for finding great fiddle lessons and easy song adaptations.

There is plenty of choice for fiddle beginners of jigs, dances, cartoon music, lullabies and other fun music for children. But in order to start from somewhere, and chose the simplest ones, let’s see which are the easiest fiddle tunes for children: