10 Easiest Fictional Characters to Dress Up As

10. Jay and Silent Bob

You know Jay and Silent Bob from a gazillion movies. They’ve appeared in most of Kevin Smith’s movies, and that’s pretty normal since he portrays Silent Bob. The two characters are laid back dudes, smoking pot in front of the local convenience store. They first appeared in 1994 in Clerks and the madness surrounding them has only grown since then.

So what do you need to get into character? For Jay, you can get away with a black or yellow hoodie, a long blonde wig, and a black beanie, while for Silent Bob you need a black or brown trench coat, a long black wig, a cap worn backwards and some facial hair. Simple as that and easy to throw on at the last minute. And now, let’s see who else we have in our list of easiest fictional characters to dress up as.

9. Harry Potter

Is there anyone that hasn’t heard of Harry Potter yet? Go back to your cave if you haven’t! Moving on. The world of Harry Potter is an extensive one, with dozens of characters. Of course, there are the three main ones – Harry, Ron, and Hermione – but there are so many secondary characters to choose from that you don’t even have to work too hard. Just pick your favorite or the one that looks most like you.

When it comes to costume, you do things in two different manners – choose an extremely detailed, spot-on, costume, or just the laid back version. What does the latter one involve? Well, for Harry Potter that means drawing a lightning bolt on your forehead, picking a pair of round glasses, a black robe type of clothing and a wand. That’s similar for Hermione, although you probably need a wig for that one and, of course, you can drop the glasses and the face makeup.