10 Easiest Etsy Businesses to Start and Make Tons of Money

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If you’ve always wanted to try Etsy Inc (NASDAQ:ETSY), then do we ever have the article for you: the 10 Easiest Etsy Businesses to Start and Make Tons of Money with.

No doubt, you’ve wondered how Etsy sellers (like the ones who ran the 10 Most Successful Etsy Shops in 2015) do it, how they make and sell the most beautiful items. They must be unique and creative. They must have rare talent and skill. They’re geniuses – they’re true artists. Right?

Not so much. Well, some are, but believe it or not, most of their creations are much simpler than you might think. Some can be crafted with materials most people already have on hand. Some require just minimal skill that can be quickly learned and implemented. And with sites like Pinterest and the billions of blogs and video tutorials out there, most of the instructions are just a Google search away. So much for unmatched skill.

10 Easiest Etsy Businesses to Start and Make Tons of Money


For each item on our list, we’ve included a link to a Pinterest do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorial showing how to make that exact item. Basically, we’re showing you how you can create what popular Etsy Inc (NASDAQ:ETSY) sellers have. (Sorry to reveal your secrets Etsy sellers, but they’re already out there anyways.)

We’re not kidding about making “tons of money,” either. When clicking on the Etsy links, take a look at the prices of each item. It’s probably more than you would think it would be, especially if Pinterest is spreading the word on how to make that same thing for a lot less money.

But here’s the bottom line: people are lazy. They don’t want to do it themselves when they can buy it instead. That’s why your business could skyrocket with little effort on your part.

You can easily craft your own business around one or more of these creative ideas, and maybe you’ll also finally trump that one person in your family who unfailingly gives all those nifty homemade gifts.

But keep in mind that you’ll not only have to know how to make these items, but sell them too. You’ll have to be a good marketer and figure out how to sell your brand. Success won’t just be handed to you. But when you combine creativity and business savvy, you’re bound to make “tons of money” in no time.

Get rich quick? Nah. 10 Easiest Etsy Businesses to Start and Make Tons of Money? I think yes.

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