10 Easiest Eagle Required Merit Badges to Get

We have made the list of the easiest Eagle required merit badges to get to help young members of the Boy Scouts of America, to receive the Eagle status and choose the best and the most suitable activities and areas of study.

Each merit badge is awarded for a completed task or test. The purpose of these badges is to motivate boy and girl scouts to learn useful skills that will help them in later life. Most of the skills deal with improving the quality of life and work for them, their family and their scout troop.

10 Easiest Eagle Required Merit Badges to Get

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After choosing the merit badges, you would like to compete for; you will receive a pamphlet that will explain the whole process of getting the badge, including all the requirements, and actions you will need to take. The pamphlet is printed by the Boy Scout Association of America.

After reading the pamphlet, you will need to contact your Scoutmaster, who will provide you with a blue card. The blue card needs to be signed by the scoutmaster, and it allows you to start working on merit badge tasks. The scout master will also arrange a meeting with an adult counselor, who will inspect each merit badge requirement and decide whether you have shown enough wit, knowledge, and skill to receive a merit badge.

The scouts who satisfy all the requirements are allowed to buy the merit badge patch and patch it to their uniform. Depending on how much merit badges you collect, you can earn higher ranks within the Boy Scout movement. The Eagle Scout is the highest achievement and rank, founded more than one hundred years ago. Each Eagle Scout needs to collect at least 21 merit badges and show a wide variety of other qualities and skills. So if you want to earn an Eagle Scout rank, you will need to work hard, and as the sole motto of this achievement would say, ‘be prepared.’

The Eagle badge recipients are some of the most famous politicians, business people, artists and athletes including President Gerald Ford, the astronaut Neil Armstrong, the famous director Steven Spielberg, and Michael Bloomberg, the founder of the Bloomberg media empire.

Although boy and girl scouts should never take shortcuts, when it comes to learning new skills, sometimes they need to choose the easier areas of study in order to collect all 21 merit badges required for the Eagle status. While making our list of the ten easiest Eagle required merit badges to get, we have focused only on the 13 merit badges that are required for receiving the Eagle status. This information is easily available from the Boy Scout pamphlets or on the Merit Badge. Since we are trying to make the Insider Monkey’s list section more diverse, we are currently writing about a wide variety of subjects. Not a lot of media platforms publish articles for Boy Scouts next to the ones that deal with finance, banking, education, immigration, etc. For example, a recent list of 10 easiest countries to gain citizenship in EU is definitely an article you should read.

The second source we have used for making this list is the BSA Prepared. This troop’s online platform published a unique list of merit badges ranked by their difficulty rating. Apart from the simplicity of getting certain merit badge they have also focused on benefits and the dynamics of the completion process. Since BSA Prepared only uses four difficulty levels, we have also added another source. The Cartoonist rates badges by difficulty, duration and the number of requirements. Now, let’s see the list of easiest Eagle required merit badges to get.