10 Easiest Dorm Foods to Make

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Moving away for college is fun until you realize there won’t be any of mother’s home cooked meals or grandma’s version of awesome microwavable, and you’d have to rely on the easiest dorm foods to make. Between not having enough time to cram everything in a day and being cheap to prioritize school stuff, college kids are definitely required to be creative when it comes to food. That is why we have compiled the ten easiest dorm foods to get you (or your kids) prepped for the gastronomic survival challenges that lay ahead at the University.

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For this list, we’ve taken suggestions from Delish, Buzzfeed, and other food-based websites. We have ranked the items according to preparation time, because anything that’s done before you can finish saying ‘Bon Appetit!’ is easy. We’ve also added a 5-star rating system to rate how tasty the food is, how easily it can be made in a dorm room given the lack of proper kitchen equipment, and how easily available its ingredients are.

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10. Instant Mac and Cheese

Prep time: 3-8 minutes, depending on type

Rating: 5 stars

No list of the easiest dorm foods to make will ever be complete without instant mac and cheese. It’s quintessential dorm room dinner that is consumed about half of all the dinners each student partakes throughout his/her whole college life. It can get pretty monotonous and is not an ideal to-go meal for hurried lunches, but it’s a great break from ramen nights.

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