10 Easiest Countries To Become A Doctor

The doctor is in and it is time for the 10 easiest countries to become a doctor.  I have never wanted to be a doctor. I once was having blood drawn and said to the nurse, “Oh this is kind of gross to watch.” She was unimpressed. I guess nurses are pretty tough and have to face physical gross-outs on a daily or even hourly occurrence rate. I’m whining about one tiny vial, so skipping medical school was clearly the right move for me. You, on the other hand, should check it out–if you have what it takes, you could end up being a fantastic doctor.

My own primary care physician is pretty amazing, too. Occasionally he gives me brain teasers to solve; I fail every time. He is a curious, funny guy–who is also top rated on Yelp for my area. I’m not giving you his name; he’s popular enough already, man. I will give you the name of another top rated on Yelp area doctor because his name is Bruce Champagne. No joke. If he doesn’t refer to himself as “the Champagne of doctors,” then he is crazy.

 10 Easiest Countries To Become A Doctor


Being a doctor is certainly not easy, but the most difficult part is studying to become one. In the U.S. a person has to go through several years of education and training before becoming eligible for medical licensing. Also, the requirements and cost of getting into a U.S. medical schools are pretty steep. Now that said, many U.S. citizens often opt for foreign medical schools to get their degree, and then return to U.S. to start practicing as full-fledged doctors.

One thing to note here is that acquiring a medical license in the US for a foreign trained doctor can be extremely difficult, but that is a topic for another day. There could be any number of reasons for you to go for a foreign medical school, it could be the cost, maybe you would like to gain international experience and exposure, or perhaps you do not meet the academic criteria to get into the med school of your choice in the U.S. If you are weighing your options before committing yourself to a medical school, then this list of countries where becoming a doctor is relatively easier will help you quite a bit.

The countries listed here have much more relaxed criteria for getting in a medical school and also the cost of living is quite low. The education system is also in English, therefore you do not have to learn a new language. On top of that, in these countries, you will have to invest fewer years in your medical education to obtain your medical degree when compared to the United States and Canada. In order to compile our list, we sought help from online sources where similar topics are being discussed.

We would like to credit websites like StudentWorldOnline, WiseGeek and Window2India. We researched on these sites and then ranked them by the average ranking on other sites so you will have a comprehensive view of the easiest countries to become a doctor. If you study in any of the listed countries here, you will always have to option to returning to the U.S., and the start practicing there as a doctor. However you may need to go through an exam called United States Medical Licensing Examination United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)The hardest countries to become a doctor are the U.S. and Canada, because they both require completion of an undergraduate degree first, scoring highly on the MCAT and completing Medical School. But, the countries on our list require a much shorter study period and are also considerably cheaper. Since you are interested in medicine also check out the 16 Highest Paying Countries for Doctors. Now please enjoy the easiest countries to become a doctor.