10 Declassified Facts about Area 51

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Disclaimer: If you are looking for any confirmation about UFO or dead aliens among these 10 declassified facts about Area 51, I’m afraid you’re in for a disappointment. Although there are plenty of most likely conspiracy theories out there, the secrecy veil surrounding Area 51 was never pierced in a way that would allow a concrete proof of any extraterrestrial visitors’ escape. But there are plenty of other cool things CIA confirmed about the Mecca for all conspiracy theorists out there, so keep reading.

Declassified Facts about Area 51

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Area 51 has been a synonym for a military top-secret black site for decades. The US government only acknowledged its existence in 2013, when pretty much the whole world was aware of it. The site has been in use since 1942 and known as Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field No. 1. It consisted of just two dirt runways near Groom Dry Lake. In the 1950s, Lockheed Advanced Development Projects, called the Skunk Works, started using the site as a testing ground for highly classified U2 spy plane. Lockheed facilities in Palmdale weren’t considered safe enough for such sensitive work and the CIA choose the site for its remote location and as a part of Nevada Test and Training Range.

How far was the US government willing to go to deny the existence of Area 51 prior to the 2013 confession is illustrated by the fact that the Air Force refused to let the producers of Independence Day use its personnel and equipment in filming (to which they previously agreed) once they discovered that the film mentions the facilities at Lake Groom. Despite this, the allure of Area 51 was too strong and many movies, books and TV shows have featured it, making it very popular, a status not quite desirable for a top secret base.

Even if we discard all the theories surrounding Area 51, its place in history is secured. The numerous projects conducted there have helped shaped not just America, but the world as well. That is why these declassified facts about Area 51 draw so much attention. The last officially confirmed project at Groom Lake facility was F-117, which was finished in 1983. Since then, the Area 51 was enlarged and many buildings were added. The purpose of the base at this point is unclear and plenty theories exist trying to shed some light on the matter. In the future, more will be revealed and it will be very interesting to learn what other secrets Area 51 hides.

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