10 Creepy Deep Web Experiences

If you think the internet is being used for simple and innocent things like informing yourself, chatting with your friends, or watching memes all day, you probably haven’t heard about the 10 creepy Deep Web experiences.

At the very beginning, let’s make something clear. Many people don’t know what Deep Web actually is and before we continue talking about it let’s put it in simple words. The Deep Web is referring to every web page that cannot be found by commonly used search engines. The Deep Web is including all webmail pages, dynamic content, user databases, pages behind paywalls, registration-required web forums and Dark Web. There is a staging version that serves to check the stories before people set them live on the website. This means that for every page that is publicly available on the internet there is another on the Deep Web. Today, many of us are using online bank accounts, but not everyone of us knows that the password-protected bits are on the Deep Web.

10 Creepy Deep Web Experiences


The Dark Web, on the other hand, is a network which uses proprietary protocols or requires a special software for access. Even though it sounds scary and complicated, it isn’t. You simply need to install Tor and download the Tor Browser Bundle. After you download it, run the downloaded file and choose an extraction location. After you finish these simple steps, open the folder and click Start Tor Browser. Even though it is simple, we truly don’t recommend you to do it.

Compared to the internet we know, on the Deep Web, you can find all kinds of stuff which simple browsers aren’t showing it while browsing. People have been using Deep Web for many illegal things. Here, you can buy drugs, weapons, you can hire a hitman to kill someone, watch child pornography, killing animals, human experiments, live tortures and countless other horrifying activities. If you want to dig deeper, you can see the 10 Sickest disturbing Things You can Find on the Deep Web but keep in mind that the ‘deeper’ you go, the ‘darker’ it will be.

In order to create our list of 10 creepy Deep Web experiences, we used Reddit, Chaostrophic and Deep Websites Links as our sources to see what are the creepiest Deep Web experiences. Many people have different experiences so we decided to take those which are mentioned the most times and we sorted our list by the number of mentions. However, keep in mind that even though there are many things you can see and do on the Deep Web, we cannot say for sure that all of these experiences are 100% true.