10 Countries with The Most Alcohol Related Deaths in The World

Drinking some alcohol can be very cool when we are at a party but consuming too much of it means serious problems, that’s why we’ve decided to find the countries with the most alcohol-related deaths in the world.

First, we need to make clear how much alcohol is harmful. Some doctors and addictologists usually consider too much or dangerous if someone drinks every day – even if it is just one glass of wine. Others say that we can drink 1-1.5 dl of wine daily, alcohol problems may arise when this habit becomes a necessary one – if we are not able to skip it out even for one day.

Alcoholic beverages are drunk all over the world. While large numbers of people consume alcohol at a low-risk level, others are in the habit of heavy drinking which creates considerable health problems in almost all countries. So how much alcohol is consumed? It is not so easy to say as we would think, because we can’t find consumption of unrecorded alcohol, which makes mapping the total consumption impossible. The rate of unrecorded alcohol can be up to 30% of total worldwide adult consumption, which is pretty much. Worldwide alcohol consumption per capita was 6.13 liters of pure alcohol in 2005 for every person from the age of 15! It’s frightening, isn’t it? The most commonly consumed alcoholic beverage is beer – globally 36% of the total consumption is in the form of beer in the world, and we can find the highest rates in the Region of the Americas (at 54.7% of the total consumption per capita). We can observe high rate of beer and spirits consumption in Russia (36% of the total consumption per capita). Drinking wine is very popular in Europe and Europeans can boast about 26.4% of the total consumption per capita while the Region of the Americas is responsible for 12%. The highest rate of drinking wine can be found in the African Region: 48.2% of the total consumption per capita.

10 Countries with The Most Alcohol Related Deaths in The World

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Many countries produce alcoholic beverages and we can find a correlation between producing and drinking alcohol. If you are interested in the 8 Countries that Produce the Most Alcohol in The World we recommend you to read our previous article.

Alcohol consumption can cause many serious problems both with our family, friends, work and to our health. Drinking too much ruins human relationships, leads to divorce and – lethal illnesses. Cirrhosis of the liver is pretty well-known but have you known that researches and scientists have linked more than 60 (!) diseases to alcohol consumption? For instance cancer (breast, mouth, throat, voice box, liver etc. cancer risks are much higher if the heavy drinkers smoke too); cirrhosis; anemia; cardiovascular disease; dementia; gout; depression; high blood pressure; seizures; nerve damage; infectious disease and pancreatitis – these are just some of that shocking 60. We used Global status report on alcohol and health by WHO and Statistics on alcohol death rate per 100.000 people by countries in order to have the exact data and stats for this article as we intended to show you countries with the most alcohol-related deaths in the world. The numbers you can see show how many people from 100,000 die of alcohol-related diseases year by year.