10 Countries With the Highest Rates of Infidelity in the World

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The 10 countries with the highest rates of infidelity in the world is a list of ten places where you can righteously be paranoid about your partner ploughing another field, as the saying goes. Extending the previous list we had of the 8 countries that cheat the most, this one will present you with two more chances of your country being on the list and making you a tad more paranoid about your sweet significant other’s matters to attend to at suspicious times.

There’s a lot to ask for in a relationship. Depending on the person, there could be a lot of battlefronts where your troops might be slowly being overrun by too much demand and too little supply. Of course, there’s the opposite too. Sometimes either party in a relationship can just be too much to deal with, even if they give too much of seemingly very desirable things. Too much of anything is never good, and in a relationship you need to find the fine point of balance where your other half would be satisfied, yet asking for more. The same applies to them towards you.

There are also the ones with absolutely unreasonable expectations, the ones with the seemingly charming, humble person who turn out to be completely the opposite and the ones for whom the embers of a past fire barely twinkle anymore. For one reason or another, sometimes you can’t just break out of a relationship, especially if it is a formal one, like a marriage. In a well-managed, honest relationship where feelings, attachment and mutual respect are at play, nobody would normally get greedy enough and try to lie to two people at the same time. However, one can get together with someone for all the wrong reasons.

With all this in mind, there is even a whole heap of a science behind cheating and the reasons for it. For example, there is a theory that in an environment where a couple’s potential offspring would have a difficult upbringing, couples stick together far more effective than in the opposite case where if a child’s upbringing is a hundred percent secure and relatively effortless, either partner could start being interested in other people more than usual.

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