10 Countries With the Highest Percentage of College Graduates in the World

Education is considered the driving force behind any modern country’s advances – a fact that the 10 countries with the highest percentage of college graduates in the world will tell you is true. We can all agree that a school does not really show off your intelligence, rather than your ability to efficiently learn and research. The list we did on the 34 smartest countries in the world will show you that with the mismatch of its results and the ones you’re about to see.

Even with the norm that tertiary education has become, the world is expected to meet a shortage of qualified professionals at some point in the near future. This tendency is mainly attributed to the fact that a lot of graduates struggle to find work in their field and because of the aging workforce that already takes these positions. Having educated specialists is very important for a country because of all the strictly-trained niche positions that today’s industry offers. While we are in imminent danger of robots replacing our labor as a more cost-effective and efficient solution, this time has not come yet and even when it does, we still have a lot of work that requires a human touch. A local qualified workforce also lowers the price of labor in cases where outsourcing is not a viable option.

College education has been around in one form or another for centuries. Ever since the European Renaissance brought the pursuit of knowledge and intellectual expansion to the western world, as opposed to the blunt religious past, education has been one of the most important and sought after activity. While in the past training for a certain position, learning a craft or studying arts and technique were passed on individually, face-to-face from an experienced person to a trainee, with the introduction of higher education, these skills were taught in bigger and bigger groups, making education far more efficient than ever before. Of course, this too has turned into one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. Let’s look at the 10 countries where people make use of that business the most.