10 Countries With The Highest Cost of Living in the World

Are you living in one of the countries with the highest cost of living in the world? If you are, chances are you aren’t doing half bad considering many of these countries are ranked as some of the happiest, cleanest, best and safest places to live, too! I guess if you’re paying a lot for a lifestyle, you better get some more perks as well, huh?

Well, while this only shows the top 10 countries with the highest cost of living in the world, these figures do tend to fluctuate a bit considering our world is ever changing. The figures that are presented in this article are provided by Numbeo and the figures are the consumer price index (CPI) of the country. The CPI of a country measures the average price of consumer goods and services. The goods and services being the daily items needed like transportation, medical, and food.

Countries With The Highest Cost of Living In the World

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While some of these countries might be a turn off due to the high cost of living, one also needs to factor in the rewards for living in such a country. The salaries might be on par for the high cost of living, the living conditions are often at the top of the rank, and the country’s treasures can all affect the outlook and outcome of living in one of these countries.

Do you live in a country with a high cost of living? Are you able to still maintain your living at a comfortable level? Perhaps you’re thinking of moving to another country to start a new life or just for a change. Are any of these countries already on your mind? The countries with the lowest cost of living in the world might be more appealing to some, but there will certainly be a trade off in terms of lifestyle habits. So which is more your cup of tea? Let’s see which countries we’re dealing with here…