10 Countries with Lowest Infant Mortality Rates

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One of the problems the world is facing today is the death of infants at an early age; this article would be discussing the 10 Countries with Lowest Infant Mortality Rates.

Infant Mortality is a term used to describe the death of newborn babies within the first 12 months of their life. The reason behind this problem is diarrhea which may result in acute weight loss – proving fatal at times. Babies often find it hard to fight and resist this situation and end up losing their lives. The problem is particularly alarming in countries that are economically not stable and have a healthcare system, which lacks basic requirements. Do you know that in 2013 alone, about 4.5 million children died within the first 12 months of their life? Most of the developed countries, however, have lowest number of infants dying in the early stage of their lives. Europe is the king when it comes to the rate of infant deaths. European countries have about 5 times lower rates, when compared to the countries in Africa. Countries struggling economically are facing a significant infant mortality problem. It has also been noted that the countries where the mortality rate is already on a lower side have shown a further decline. The risk of deaths in the infants is clearly due to lower birth weight, which is usually caused by poverty, lack of nutrition and other environmental factors. The infants around 3kgs are more resilient & have been shown to have the least number of deaths. The rate of infant mortality gets lower as the amount of space between each birth increases. The gap of 3 years reduces the risk a great deal. At this point you might be interested in finding out which are the healthiest countries, so check out our list of  Country-by-Country Life Expectancy: The World’s 15 Healthiest Countries.

Without further ado, we present you with our list of the top 10 countries with the lowest infant mortality rates.


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