10 Countries with Highest Average Height in the World

After we researched and presented you with 15 countries with highest average IQ in the world , we decided to take one more step in our research and present to you 10 Countries with Highest Average Height In the World. This way we can identify the tallest and smartest countries on Earth.

The field of science that is responsible for research of the human growth is called Auxology. A lot of interesting findings emerged on the field of human growth. Average height between different ethnics groups varies. Also it is determined that males are on average taller than women. Genetics play an important part in determining a person’s growth and his/her height. If a family has a history of short height it is very likely that down the line its offsprings will also carry this trait. The same goes down for tall people. One study showed that height of parents is connected with the height of their children in an interesting way.

F. JIMENEZ MECA/Shutterstock.com

F. JIMENEZ MECA/Shutterstock.com

Mother’s height is connected with the height of the male child, and father’s height is connected with the height of the female child. That means if the mother is shorter than average, her son will likely to be short as well. If the father is taller than average, the possibility is that the daughter will be taller than average as well.

There are various abnormalities that can appear when it comes to human height, gigantism and dwarfism being the most common ones. Gigantism is usually characterized with height above average that is caused by growth hormone being produced more than it should. People with height from 2.13 m (7 feet) to 2.74 m (9 feet) are considered to have gigantism. Dwarfism, on the other hand, is caused by slow production of the growth hormone and causes a person to have less than average height. Adults with heights less than 147 cm (4 feet 10 inches) are considered to have dwarfism.

Our job here was to determine the top 10 countries with highest average height in the world. To do that, we used the studies that showed average male and female height in the world sorted by countries. Using that studies, we combined the average male height and average female height in one country to get an overall average height in that same country. The results are following.