10 Countries with Cheapest Medical Care

What are the countries with cheapest medical care? Whether you’re planning on relocating, considering traveling for the purposes of medical tourism, or are just curious, you might like to find out which are the countries with cheapest medical care. Before you rush into any inaccurate conclusions, believe it or not, when it comes to medicine (surprisingly enough) it isn’t always a case of “you get what you pay for”. In fact, some of the countries in our countdown have the best medical care in the world, according to the World Health Organization. If you take a look at the World Health Report, you’ll see that the countries with the best health care are mainly in Europe.

On the other hand, the countries with the most affordable medical care are mainly in Asia, Eastern Europe and The Americas. As a matter of fact, these regions are booming areas for medical tourism: traveling abroad for the purpose of obtaining medical care elsewhere. A trend that started with the movement of people from the least developed countries to the highly developed ones looking for medical attention non-existent in their homeland has now turned upside down. The current trend is for people to travel over to those countries with the cheapest medical care looking for inexpensive treatments, or procedures which may be illegal in their home countries. As a result of this medical tourism boom, some developing countries have made it their goal to become the prime destinations for various health treatments at affordable rates. This is the reason behind the fact that some of the countries in our list also rank as some of the best health care choices.

But, maybe, if you are not keen on traveling back and forth to get cheap medical care, you should permanently relocate to one of the 20 Countries with the Lowest Cost of Living in the World and have affordable medical rates available on a daily basis.

So, are you curious about the ten countries with cheapest medical care? Let’s take a look at the countdown.


10. Cuba

 10 Countries with Cheapest Medical Care

Cuba is not only affordable, but it also has qualified and dedicated professionals. Medical education is free there, plus it has universal health care. A longtime chosen destination for medical tourism by Europeans and Latin Americans, Cuba is widely known for inexpensive and excellent medical care.

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