10 Countries That Send the Most Immigrants to Canada

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In 2011 (unfortunately the latest available data on the subject), 20.6 percent of Canada’s population consisted of foreign-born people, so we sought to find out where these immigrants come from and thus created a list of the 10 countries that send the most immigrants to Canada.

A total of 271,660 people immigrated to Canada in 2015, a steady increase from the previous year, and the nation does not intend to stop here. As per its immigration targets for 2016, Canada intended to absorb 280,000 to 305,000 people in the year 2016. The actual statistics for this year are not yet available, but it is highly probable that the targets were met. In fact, Canada may even have gone over and above these numbers.

So why exactly does this nation allow people from various countries all over the world to build homes within its boundaries? As the Times of India so aptly puts it: Canada needs immigrants as much as immigrants need Canada. The truth is that The True North is very sparsely populated. For the second largest country in the world by area, it has a population of merely 36 million (approximate figure). Because people dying and the fact that its population is aging, Canada is relying heavily on its immigrant population to push the country further down the path of economic advancement.

Another consequence of the large immigration figures into Canada is that it has turned into quite a multi-ethnic land. While some states of the world worry about the dilution of their culture by the arrival of foreign people, Canada is different in this regard. It does not mind that innumerable ethnicities are residing within it as long as skilled labor is finding its way into the country and becoming a reason for its economic growth. This is extremely good news for immigrants, who continue to file into the nation any way they possibly can. In fact moving to Canada from the US is especially easy, as evident in our article – How to Move to Canada with No Money: Requirements For US Citizens.

The US is obviously not the only source of newcomers. To find out more, we referred to The Canadian Magazine of Immigration that compiled the latest figures on the source countries of foreigners who entered the country in 2015 and formulated the following list of countries that send the most immigrants to Canada:

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