10 Countries that Have Won the Most Nobel Prizes

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Here is a fresh update on countries that have won the most Nobel Prizes, one of the most renowned prizes in the world.

Nobel Prize bears the name of Alfred Nobel, a man of great knowledge and many interests. He is most famous for his invention of dynamite, but apart from that he was also a scientist, poet, philosopher, he was fluent in several languages, and was interested in social issues of his time. Nobel Prize was established in 1901, just several years after Nobel died. In his testament, he left almost all of his fortune for establishing prizes for many fields: physics, chemistry, philosophy, literature… And they were all included under a well-known name – the Nobel Prize. The Nobel Day is celebrated on 10 December.

10 Countries That Have Won the Most Nobel Prizes

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Nobel Prize is being awarded each year in Stockholm and Oslo in several fields we have mentioned above. Interestingly, there were some nominees through the history of Nobel Prize who didn’t want to accept the award. To see their reasons, check out our article on 6 Nobel Prize Winners Who Declined the Prize. Apart from those who willingly declined the prize, some were forced to decline it. That was around the WW2, when Adolf Hitler forbade three laureates to receive the prize.

We gained the figures for countries that have won the most Nobel prizes from the official Nobel Prize site. There were also countries that do not exist anymore, like Austria-Hungary, Prussia or USSR, so we incorporated winners from areas of former countries to those countries that they would have belonged to now, like Germany or Poland for example (according to the information from the site that notes which countries are those now). We have also checked out WorldAtlas and the Telegraph for more interesting facts and compared areas in which Nobel Prize was obtained for each country they mention.

According to official Nobel Prize website, up to this day, 579 Prizes were awarded to 911 laureates. There are more laureates than awards because many of the awards are multiple. In this article the figures we provide are for the laureates. Let’s see then which countries have won the most Nobel Prizes:

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