10 Countries that Have the Most Horses in the World

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One of the most harnessed animals through the history are horses, and if you are hunting to see what are the countries that have the most horses in the world, you are in the right place.

Horses have been used since the beginning of time because of their speed and power. They were the first thing that allowed a man to travel faster than his two legs. Horses used to boost the man’s ability to transport goods from point A to point B, and in some rural areas, they are still used for transportation. While a person can carry only 50 pounds, a horse can carry and transport about 200 pounds. Despite for transportation, throughout history horses were used for different purposes like field work and war as well.

10 Countries That Have The Most Horses In The World

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Today they are still being used for field work but also in the active military, ceremonial and educational purposes and in equestrian sport. These days, there are still countries that have a police unit with horses. But, compared to a few decades back, the technology is advancing very fast meaning the developed countries are avoiding the use of horses for physical work. Instead, horses found their place in the sport like horse racing, horse jumping, and therapeutic horseback riding.

A few decades ago, almost every man knew how to ride a horse, but, because we are living in the urban society, and it is pretty expensive to buy a horse, today, not many people is personally familiar with the beauty and excitement of horseback riding. A healthy trail horse costs around $5,000, but the price for a horse can go up to $100,000 or even more at some elite shows. The price of a horse depends on many factors like age, breed, health, competition experience as well as the reason for sale. Not every person has the privileges to learn how to ride a horse. However, people who want to learn are often visiting riding classes. If you are one of those people who want to learn how to ride a horse and you happen to live in NYC, today is your lucky day because we also have a list of 9 Horseback Riding Lessons for Kids and Adults in NYC.

While creating our list of countries that have the most horses in the world, we used Horse Talk as our source. We collected the data for those countries with most horses. After we finished this step, we had our list, and it was left to sort it, which we did in ascending order. Keep in mind that the statistics from our source are from 2011. We tried to find newer data about the number of horses each country has, but there wasn’t any accurate information.

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