10 Countries that Export the Most Fruit in the World

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The 10 countries that export the most fruit in the world accounted for more than half of the exported fruits in 2014. So if you’re eating a banana right now, you are most likely holding a piece of Ecuador. Congratulations!

Fruit production is a part of a nation’s agriculture output. For those of you who are thinking that industrialization is the way to go, there certainly is a lot of benefits when a country is industrialized. However, it must still have some semblance of self-sufficiency, especially with food production. In this case, we will be talking about the largest fruit exporters, and most of these countries have invested heavily in their agricultural sectors to become excellent models for developing countries worldwide.

Countries that Export the Most Fruit in the World

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What do you think are the fruits that are exported the most? Are you eating an apple right now? Do you like mangoes? One trend at the moment is that tropical fruits have a strong demand in the global market, and this is where tropical countries can benefit from. According to the Oxford Business Group, there is an increased demand from western markets such as the EU and the US in recent years. This is due to the healthy lifestyle craze that has been the “in” thing these past years. Health-conscious consumers would rather eat organic fruit over processed, frozen fruits, which make tropical countries an ideal location for vast plantations. This will also benefit the locals, as long as proper procurement of land is followed.

To create our list, Insider Monkey had to scour the web for news articles, figures and fact sheets for the countries that export the most fruit. In this list, we will be focusing primarily on the exported fresh fruits. Processed or frozen fruits are not included, as well as canned fruits. Groentenen Fruit was our main source, while additional information were provided by World’s Top Exports, World Bank, Fresh Produce Exporter’s Forum, Fresh Plaza and Produce Marketing Association. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find figures for 2015 yet. Although there are projections for 2015, we opted to stick to the concrete figures for 2014. In addition, instead of share percentage of fruit exports, we ranked each country on their total exports measured in volume, which is indicated in each entry.

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Now let’s finally see the countries, which dominate the world of fruit exports!

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