10 Countries That Export the Most Food in the World

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They say that money makes the world go round, but it is food that will always be essential to our survival, so we bring to you the list of countries that export the most food in the world.

Continuously growing global population and increasing calorie intake are the main reasons why global food production has been steadily rising over the past years. In spite of that, serious questions are being asked about our ability to keep everyone sated in the years to come. Population growth will be merely one of the inevitable challenges. Erosion and pollution remain major issues due to which, according to scientific studies, our planet has lost roughly one-third of the arable land in the past four decades. Furthermore, scientists fear that global warming may reduce future crop yields by an additional 25%.

Countries That Export the Most Food in the World

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These factors certainly mark agriculture as one of the most vital industries, not only crucial as the source of our nourishment, but also as that of income and on top of it as the most efficient sector in raising life standard among the poorest. Much is being said about the need for increasing energy efficiency in food production, making farming systems less susceptible to global changes, and above all discovering better ways to store and transport food, since approximately 25 to 33 percent of globally produced food is lost in the process of distribution. Great challenges lie before us in trying to address these difficulties and find sustainable ways to provide everyone with a piece of bread, avoiding severe consequences which could potentially emerge as a result of hunger.

At this point, however, agriculture is slowly moving towards its goals. There is a constant growth in food production and profits from food exports, and a significant decline in malnutrition.

We have done extensive research to find out which of the countries are contributing the most, and how well they are being rewarded for distributing their products around the globe. If you are interested in export topics, you might also want to check our list of 10 countries that export the most weapons in the world.

In our investigation, we have taken into account the total export income achieved and the percentage share of global food exports for each country. The data required, we have found on the World Trade Organization and Statistic Division of Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations. Before we start, we would like to make a quick mention of the countries of the European Union, which, due to the Union’s specific economic structure, were not given a spot on our list. Their combined income from food exports greatly outstrips any other country, being estimated at $576 billion, which is 38% of the global food export.

Now let’s move on and take a look at our list of 10 countries that export the most food in the world.

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