10 Countries That Export The Most Diamonds in the World

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There is some serious “bling – bling” in these 10 countries that export the most diamonds in the world. There are lots of women wanting their best friend, so these countries provide the material. For most of the men, diamonds are just shiny rocks, but women as always think the exact opposite.

You may wonder why diamonds are such popular gemstones. Well, it’s not only because they are shiny. The true appeal of diamonds lies in their hardness. Diamond is the hardest material on Earth, and thanks to that it is resistant to scratching. One line describes their attributes the best: “Diamonds last forever”.

Countries That Export The Most Diamonds in the World


Diamonds, as we know them, don’t grow on trees obviously. They are formed inside the Earth’s core (87 to 118 miles) and travel close to the surface due to volcanic eruptions. Diamonds are then mined, but that is just a beginning of the process. 130,000,000 carats of diamonds are mined annually, with a total value of nearly US$9 billion. After they are mined, they can be used in industrial or gemstone purposes. In the industry rough diamonds are used to make diamond-tipped drill bits and saws, while diamond powder is used as an abrasive. For gemstone purposes, diamonds are cut and polished.

Diamonds market is a rather closed one. There are just a few locations where diamonds are cut and polished. Also, when it comes to mining, few companies hold the monopoly on this job. Due to this, there have been a lot of controversies in the diamond business, with one of them being the poor stature of mining workers.

To find out the 10 countries that export the most diamonds in the world, we used the research made by Worlds Top Exports, who brought the top diamond exporting countries for 2014 based on a value of exports in USD. We took the 10 countries with the highest value of exported diamonds, thus forming our list.

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