10 Companies That Disney Owns

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The 10 companies that Disney owns are the main sources of the media conglomerate’s global success.

It is safe to assume that Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) has a hand in almost every wholesome entertainment offering there is. After all, the company would not be worth about $178.76 billion as of April 7, 2016 if it did not dominate the entertainment field. Its portfolio of products and services span the theme parks you’ve always wanted to go to (if not for the very long lines or the fact that they’re halfway around the world) to that series you just binge-watched, from the latest superhero/space hero/animated movie in cinemas to the doll that your daughter/sister/niece wants you to buy after watching that certain animated movie about an ice princess.

Speaking of that movie, four of the 10 Disney companies and units in this list are involved in the box-office dominance of the films included in our list of the 11 most successful Disney movies ever.

As of April 2017, Disney has direct investments (defined as either complete or partial ownership) in at least 143 business entities around the world. Only one of those entities is public: the penny stock company POW ENTERTAINMENT (OTCMKTS:POWN). The rest of the company’s subsidiaries and investments consist of joint ventures with other media companies, independent private companies that were since folded into Disney, or units specifically created to operate specific businesses within the conglomerate. Some of these subsidiaries are capable of being billion-dollar companies by themselves, but with Disney, they are significant parts of a gigantic media empire that spans the entire world.

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Disney categorizes those dozens of subsidiaries and operations into four business segments: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment, and Consumer Products & Interactive Media. The Media Networks segment is the company’s most lucrative, since it holds a sizable portfolio of TV channels, including one of the four main broadcast TV networks in the U.S and market-leading sports and children’s channels. The Parks and Resorts segment, which also generates a lot of revenue, handles Disney-branded theme parks and tourist attractions around the world. The Studio Entertainment segment, the oldest of the four segments, has churned out hundreds of top-grossing classic films for almost a century, and is poised to churn out many more thanks its impressive haul of intellectual property. The Consumer Products & Interactive Media segment, which capitalizes on Disney’s humongous roster of characters and content, is a mix of old and new: some merchandising here, some online games and videos there.

Among the dozens of business entities under the Disney umbrella, this list of the 10 companies that Disney owns will focus on the ones that are the most visible and prominent in the conglomerate’s operations. Check them out beginning on the next page.

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