10 Cities With Best Air Quality in the U.S.

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Below you can find the list of 10 U.S. cities with the best air quality. For a detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list of cities please see this article.

10. Duluth, MN-WI

PM 2.5: 5.5

PM 10: 81

While air is healthy to breathe most of the time, Duluth has certain bad air quality days in the year. PM 10 pollutant levels are also on the higher side.

Pixabay/Public Domain

9. Amarillo, TX

PM 2.5: 5.2

PM 10 – ND

Amarillo has fairly low particle pollutants in its air, and the Air Quality Index touches 74%. The dust in the cities surroundings is inevitable and it does have its bad air days, but even then the bad the pollution causing irritants are quite low. 

William Silver/Shutterstock.com

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