10 Cheapest States to Buy a Pack of Cigarettes

Are you looking for cheapest states to buy a pack of cigarettes? I don’t blame you. The prices are just getting insane these days.

Before we turn to the United States, let’s see how much cigarettes cost around the world.  According to Cigarette Prices, in Europe, one pack of Marlboro pack can cost you up to $14.0, which is the price you’ll have to pay in Norway. For comparison, the least expensive European country is Belarus, where a pack of Marlboro costs just above $1.00. In some Asian countries, you can get a pack from $2.00 to $3.00, but there are places where smoking became a luxury. In Singapore, you’ll have to part with around $10.00. On the other hand, cigarette prices in India are a fraction of that since Marlboro costs $1.80 on average. Chile and Uruguay with $4.3 and $4.0 respectively are the most expensive countries for cigarette smokers in the South America, while Paraguay with $1.5 per Marlboro pack is the most affordable. In Africa, the prices are really low, with cigarettes packs costing around $2.00 in most countries. The exception is Seychelles where Marlboro costs $5.60. In case you don’t live in any of the countries where the prices are low, maybe our list of 8 Ways to Save Money on Cigarettes will be helpful.

10 Cheapest States to Buy a Pack of Cigarettes


When it comes to cigarette prices by brand in the United States, they can be drastically different depending on the state. This is because each state has its own cigarette tax. New York has a tax of $4.35 while Virginia’s cigarette tax is $0.30. Also, each state includes the federal cigarette tax of $1.01 per pack and additional sales taxes. For example, the price of cigarettes in California is high and a pack will cost you more than $10.00 on average, while in some other states you’ll pay half of that. Maybe this wouldn’t be a bad time to switch to chewing tobacco? Although we don’t have a complete preview of chewing tobacco prices by state, we can tell you that depending on the brand, a can will cost you from $3 to $5 in most of the states. Although it is common to see higher cigarette prices in bigger states, that doesn’t have to be always the case. Cigarette prices in Florida 2017 are fairly low since you’ll have to pay around $6.71 for a pack of Marlboro Reds on average. In case you are wondering how much is a carton of cigarettes in Florida, just multiply this price by 10 and you should get a good idea.

In order to find the cheapest states to buy a pack of cigarettes, we consulted the report from The Awl about the cigarette prices by state in 2017. Their methodology included calling the gas stations and convenience stores in each of the states and asking about the price of Marlboro Reds. Although the shown prices are just for this brand, they should give you a good idea about where it’s the most affordable to be tobacco consumer. Now, let’s check out the list.