10 Cheaper, Better Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing

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It’s time to go bananas, and although the terms email marketing and Mailchimp are nearly synonymous, there are 10 cheaper, better Mailchimp alternatives for email marketing.  One of the best parts is that they don’t have a chimp in the name.  I just don’t trust chimps. I know what you’re going to say, chimps are great–but that’s exactly what they WANT you to believe. Have you ever heard a chimp that didn’t try to steal a muffin if he could? C’mon, you know if you left a chocolate chip blueberry muffin on an open table in front of a chimp who had full autonomy over where he could be–he would steal your muffin.

Don’t trust chimps. Or if you do at least see what else is out there in the world of highly effective and affordable marketing plans. Let’s explore these 10 cheaper, better Mailchimp alternatives for email marketing to see if we can top chimps. Well, not top them but beat them at their own game. Let’s steal their muffin? Okay, this analogy has gotten out of hand–much like a chimp would do.

10 Cheaper, Better Mailchimp Alternatives for Email Marketing


In the world of email marketing, Mailchimp owns a large chunk of market share: 45.62% to be exact. This percentage “represents the number of websites using Mailchimp divided by the total number of websites using any known technologies in the email marketing category; websites limited to the Alexa top 1M.” When compared with other competitors, Mailchimp accounts to more than the combined market-share of the next 6 competitors.

But, as we discussed you don’t always have to go with the top dog. Or in this case, top chimp. The most popular brand doesn’t always reflect the best option. There are other alternative email marketing programs that not only offer cheap marketing solutions for all sorts of businesses, they also deliver the desired results. These affordable marketing solutions give you a greater chance of making a name for yourself by reaching a larger audience. Speaking of names, you can use our generator to create a good name for your investment company, or choose from our 43 Good Names For Investment Companies.

Before getting on to that list of the best email marketing alternatives, let’s take a look at Mailchimp charges:

Subscribers Cost
501-1,000 – $15 (unlimited emails)
2,001-2,500 – $30 (unlimited emails)
2,501-5,000 – $50 (unlimited emails)
5,001-10,000 – $75 (unlimited emails)
10,000-25,000 – $150 (unlimited emails)
25,000-50,000 – $240(unlimited emails)

Keeping in mind the above list, we identified alternative sites that offer email marketing; sites that charge less money and lets you send more emails. By consulting 3 sources: Quora, FormGet, and Capterra – we were able to select the best alternative sites. When we have a site that isn’t found in our sources, we assign a really large rank to that one (like 25 or 50), so that all sites that are in all 3 sources rank higher than this website.

Next, we created our own methodology to rank each website based on what they charge for sending emails to 10,000 subscribers and the monthly cost of sending 50,000 emails/week. We also calculated the monthly cost of sending 25,000 emails/day. Sites with lower cost than Mailchimp were ranked by their average cost.

Based on our findings, we compiled the list of 10 cheaper, better Mailchimp alternatives for email marketing. Take a look!

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