10 Career Options for Non College Graduates

For those who are looking for an opportunity that doesn’t demand a college degree, read our list of 10 career options for non-college graduates.

With the recent fluctuations in economies around the world, affording a college education is costing a fortune to the students, leading them into a never-ending loop of debt. The increase in the number of success stories of young entrepreneurs both from and off Silicon Valley has started to boost the levels of confidence in students from all the age groups to do something efficient in the early stages of their life, rather than following the routine model of the college education. May whatever the circumstances be, billionaires like Richard Branson, Joe Lewis, etc. have proved that success in life can not necessarily be achieved only through a structured college education or a degree.

10 Career Options for Non College Graduates

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This usually motivates people to look out for challenges at the early stages of life by venturing into the business world in quest of money and opportunities. Most of the people that set out in search of different prospects at this stage in life are recent high-school graduates. It is prevalent for these students to look out for some easy money in the form of a part-time job or during their summer breaks. Usually, jobs are searched around hospitals, as they keep a student in the surrounding neighborhood and don’t demand any experience. Medical Assistant, Medical Biller, etc. are a few examples where individuals are hired without prior experience. The data from the Labor Department shows the rise in demand of potential jobs for students with a high school degree or an equivalent diploma.

However, It is an irrefutable fact that one should consider the other group of people that have a high-school degree but differ from the others in terms of experience. There is a considerable number of advantages when having work experience, especially when one is looking out for opportunities as a high-school graduate. Therefore, rather than focusing on only individuals that belong to only one group (in terms of level of experience), in this article, 10 career options for non-college graduates, we will focus on various opportunities that are available for people with different levels of proficiencies.

We have taken the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics as a reference for information and have filtered the jobs that don’t require any degree. Keeping the viewers from all the levels of experience in mind, we then have chosen the highest paid jobs in the categories of ‘jobs that require no experience’, ‘less than 5 years of experience’ and ‘more than 5 years of experience’ and then have ranked them according to the median annual wage. If you are looking for jobs that don’t require any degree and also does not have the mandate to work in the environments of ‘customer interaction’, you can head over to our 10 High Paying Non Customer Service Jobs Without a Degree

So, without any further delay, let us look at 10 career options for non-college graduates.