10 Biggest Tech Acquisitions in History

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What are the biggest tech acquisitions in history? 

The tech industry is one of the most prolific out there and considering how much we all rely on the Internet, software and hardware nowadays it’s easy to see why. One way to continue innovating is to purchase other big companies and to create new products that will revolutionize the world, which is why today we’re taking a look at the 10 biggest tech acquisitions ever.

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While some of these acquisitions that happen all the time in the tech world take place because the purchased company is in some kind of financial trouble and looking for a way out, most happen because the buyer sees great potential in the purchased company.

Google — now Alphabet — is one of the companies that is known to make a lot of such acquisitions. In fact, it has shelled out billions over billions of dollars over the years. The top ten acquisitions alone sum up over $24 billion and there are a lot of them whose prices haven’t yet been disclosed. You can check out the top 12 most expensive acquisitions ever made by Google in an article we published a little while ago.

Surprisingly, considering just how often it goes on a shopping spree, Alphabet isn’t the one who made the top acquisition, or one to have made the most expensive purchases in this top ten. In order to create this list we took into account the acquisition price announced by the companies and you can be sure we’re talking billions here. Without further ado, we bring to you 10 biggest tech acquisitions in history.

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