10 Biggest Tea Producing Countries in the World

Today we talk about 10 Biggest Tea Producing Countries in the World. Tea is among most popular beverages in the world. It came from Asia, where people knew about healing aspects of its consummation from ancient times. Tea became national drink in many countries, as you can see in our list of biggest tea drinking countries in the world.



Around 4,5 million tons of tea is consumed annually, which is why tea is second most consumed beverage worldwide. Every day around 6 billion cups of tea is consumed around the globe, with Asian and European countries leading, followed by Scandinavian Peninsula. The production of tea is at rise every year, as the market keeps expanding and growing worldwide. Today we bring you the countries that produce tea the most, ranked by metric tons.

10. Japan

Green tea originally came from Japan, and its cleansing impact on the body made it popular in recent years, raising the demands. This tea is among the healthiest brews of tea known to man today. Japan’s climate is perfect for tea production, and tea is a major beverage in this country, consumed almost as water. Japanese tea manufacturers don’t export a lot (near 3%) of the domestic production; near 90,000 tons annually.