10 Biggest Private Security Companies that Are Hiring

If private security is the job of your dreams, then check our latest feature about the biggest private security companies that are hiring.

Private Security companies make the news more often than not, these days, but what is less known is their needs for employees.

If you imagine that working for a private security firm is going under fire every other day and being flown to exotic locations, well, you may be in for a massive disappointment if you have no previous experience in the field.

But fear not, because private security firms handle much more than just military operations; they’re involved in providing security for various facilities and vessels (particularly to ward off piracy). They protect private residences and project sites but also escort convoys, help to transport commodities, provide security training to foreign military and personnel, fight cybercrime, handle background checks for future employees of various firms, provide help for humanitarian assistance, and the list keeps growing because of security needs and cuts in governments’ spendings all over the world.

10 Biggest Private Security Companies that Are Hiring


There exists plenty of private security firms who set up shop in a booming market but trying to get a job in the best firms which are well-established means that you will be better trained. Though you may not be better protected. As a private army contractor, if you’re sent to a war zone and get under fire, you won’t have the Army to back you up. And contrary to soldiers and veterans, when you will go home, don’t expect to be hailed as a hero. You will, most probably, considered a mere mercenary. But, you don’t have to go to exotic locations to work for private security companies: they also handle local operations that will keep you as busy as any other jobs.

Even though some of the best private security company doesn’t come from the USA (G4S is English, GardaWorld is Canadian amongst others), the US fare well in this business. By the way, to the Canadians reading this piece, GardaWorld ranks number 6 our top 10 so feel free to check them out. Although you may have heard of AEGIS World when they were bought by GardaWorld in 2015 – and not to be confused with AEGIS, the defense system used by the US Marine – they still pale compared to G4S. G4S is said to be “the world’s third-largest private-sector employer” and, according to its own website, employs “more than 585,000 employees on six continents”. By comparison, the first largest employer in the world is Wal-Mart with 2.2 million employees in 2014.

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To establish which companies are hiring, we looked at the LinkedIn profiles of companies often dubbed as the biggest and the best in the world. We then compared the number of employees the various companies say they have on their LinkedIn profiles and on the financial sections of their websites. Finally, we made sure that each of the listed companies has job offering on their career’s websites. So, without further ado, we bring you the biggest private security companies that are hiring!