10 Biggest Makeup Companies that Test on Animals

Even though testing on animals is now not a necessary procedure, there are still those who won’t give up, and here we will see some of the biggest makeup companies that test on animals.

Testing on animals has luckily seized to be trendy among cosmetic companies. The majority of the U.S. companies, and almost all European companies do not test on animals. The European Union has brought up a law in 2013 that bans all cosmetic testing on animals and in makeup production. Still, ongoing large scale animal testing is a common thing in China. Here, testing on animals is also mandatory for all cosmetic products that are imported into the country, as we will see in our list.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

As for makeup brands that don’t test on animals, there are plenty of them, and around 4,100 were listed on PETA’s website. Some of the cruelty free makeup brands in 2019 include The Body Shop, e.l.f. (NYSE:ELF), and the list is fortunately growing. So, if you ever wondered, does Dove test on animals, or does Covergirl test on animals, the answer is no. However, today we are looking at the other side of the medal, and companies that still test on animals in 2019.

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Animal testing might not be the best indicator of the harmfulness of a certain chemical on humans. Some chemicals can have even the opposite effects, show misleading results, or be difficult to interpret. In short, animal testing is not as successful or cost efficient as it might sound at a first glance. Of course, as technology and science develop, there are many other alternatives and even better tests and probes with higher resolution results. Such is cell-based test, or computer modelled tests which efficiently provide relevant results.

PETA was our number one source for discovering which makeup companies still test on animals, followed by sources such as Cruelty free kitty, and Captain-Planet. Then, we looked for some of the biggest makeup companies, based on their yearly sales or revenues that we have checked on companies’ websites (when the fresh information was available).

Now, let’s move on to the point of today’s list. As we will see, even if it is not mandatory, or even necessary, some big names still do animal testing on their products. Whether you would support this kind of cosmetics or not, it is a personal choice, here are those among the biggest makeup companies that still test on animals: