10 Biggest Hong Kong Companies By Revenue

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The 10 biggest Hong Kong companies by revenue consist mainly of financial institutions, given the nation’s dominance in financial services. Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest trading centers, having a vibrant port and a unique “one country, two systems” political system. This island territory situated very near to the Chinese mainland was annexed by the United Kingdom during the 1840’s and was returned to the Chinese government in 1997. Hong Kong’s history and its geo-strategic importance have made it one of the most important financial centers as well as the corporate headquarters for many British and Chinese corporations. It has independent executive, legislative and judiciary powers as well as a separate currency. Its liberal trade and business-friendly policies have allowed it to become highly developed, with one of the highest per capital incomes in the world.

Hong Kong has a strong history of entrepreneurism, which has led to it becoming a global business powerhouse. The trading houses in Hong Kong were known as “Hongs” and played a key role in the development of manufacturing, trade and consumerism. Some of these “Hongs” were established by European expatriates and were headed by a “Tai-Pan” who was responsible for dealing with Chinese merchants. Some of these conglomerates still survive today and generate billions of dollars in revenue each year. Jardine Matheson is ranked among the top 200 publicly traded companies in the world based on market value. Most of the 10 biggest Hong Kong companies by revenue also have Chinese origins.

Hong Kong is often cited as an example of laissez-faire capitalism, as the government has almost no import or export controls. Market forces have been given free reign, allowing it to develop rapidly. Hong Kong’s stature as an International Financial Center (IFC) has contributed heavily to the island’s economy. It is an important center for international trade and finance with the one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. Hong Kong is also the world’s 11th-largest trading entity, with its total value of imports and exports exceeding its GDP. The island’s physical location has enabled it to become a transportation and logistics hub, with the world’s second-busiest container port and the world’s busiest airport for cargo. Hong Kong’s exports mainly consist of exporting products made in mainland China, and distributed via the island.

We’ll look at the 10 biggest Hong Kong companies by revenue in this article, many of which also ranks as some of the world’s largest companies by revenue. Most of these companies are from a trading and financial background which is not surprising given Hong Kong’s trade and financial services prowess. After reading this article, you might also be interested in reading the 11 Most Profitable Companies in China.

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