10 Biggest Drug Busts In U.S. History

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Below you can see our list of the 10 biggest drug busts in US history. For a more comprehensive list please see this article.

10. 13.8 tons Colombian drug bust

Back in 2005, this was the biggest drug bust in Colombian history, of drugs which were intended to make their way to the US. They were all seized in a single day in a single place and were worth $350 million at the time.

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9. 14 ton Texas drug bust

This is one of the older entries in our list, dating in at 1989, but is still one of the biggest drug busts in the US of all time, when a raid on a house near the Mexican border and another on a vessel on sea resulted in a hoard of 14 tons of cocaine being recovered. Investigators had initially only expected 2,000 pounds only to discover nearly 18,000 pounds once the confiscations were executed.

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