10 Biggest Companies That Support Trump

The 10 biggest companies that support Trump are mostly composed of giant retail stores based in the U.S. This is because despite the U.S President’s conglomerate being mostly focused on real estate development and property management, both Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump also produce and sell items such as menswear, women’s fashion, home items, and even wines.

Several billionaires expressed support for Trump while he was still running for President. Those bigwigs included Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PYPL); activist investor Carl Icahn; and T. Boone Pickens, chairman of hedge fund BP Capital Management. But the biggest companies that support Trump are mostly retailers, since they carry many of the family’s brand-name goods.

10 Biggest Companies That Support Trump


Besides his golf courses, resorts, residential towers and hotels, Trump and his daughter Ivanka also sell a myriad of merchandise. The Donald J. Trump Collection features ties, suits, dress shirts, graphic shirts, and accessories like eyeglasses and caps. Trump Home sells a collection of items of “indulgence and grandeur,” including bedroom furniture such as beds, mattresses and cabinets; living room furniture like TV cabinets, sofas and stools; and dining room items such as cocktail tables, dining chairs and dining tables. Ivanka Trump’s brand showcases a collection of jewelry, active wear, apparel, bags, and shoes. The Trump Winery in Virginia sells different types of wine and features a tasting room.

While President Trump adamantly advocates American-made products to put “America First,” a number of his and Ivanka’s products were actually manufactured overseas. Some of their apparel has been shown to have been made in China, Bangladesh and Vietnam, while home items were made in China, Turkey and India. Trump Vodka was created in the Netherlands.

The breadth of Trump-branded products are stocked in many of America’s retail chains and department stores, but Trump’s highly divisive policy-making and political stances have gotten these products pulled from many outlets all over the country. Some of the biggest ones, however, still carry these items despite the controversy surrounding them. In October 2016, a couple of consumers announced on Twitter that they would be boycotting retailers that still sold Trump-branded products, as it was against their good conscience to give business to those retailers. Shannon Coulter, a brand strategist, debuted the hashtag #GrabYourWallet to give a name to the cause, a play on Trump’s infamous and widely reported misogynist remark.

#GrabYourWallet published a list of retailers that it is boycotting, categorized under company types such as “retailer selling Trump family products,” “further enriching Trump” and “supportive of Trump” (such as those who have raised funds for his campaign or publicly expressed support for him). The massively popular movement, whose hashtag has been viewed more than 950 million times, seeks to demonstrate how consumer power can help promote “a more respectful and inclusive society.”

In this article, we’ve compiled 10 of the biggest companies that support Trump by mining #GrabYourWallet’s extensive list of companies that it is boycotting due to their ties to Trump, and then ranking them based on their market capitalization (or sales or revenue, in the case of private companies). Companies under The Trump Organization are excluded, as the list focuses on companies not directly owned by Trump but which still choose to support him.

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