10 Biggest Churches in Africa

Turn to page one in your hymnals, it’s time for the biggest churches in Africa. I love church music. I watched Sister Act and Sister Act II: Back in the Habit, more times than would save me from embarrassment.  I remember specifically watching with my Aunt Dorothy, who enjoyed eating Cool Ranch Doritos and onion dip. She was a smart lady.

I always kind of wished the church I grew up in had better or more lively music. The choir was led by an older gentleman who did a lot of work in the church, he was likely a deacon. Then there was also my CCD teacher who always kept her hair in a hairnet and a woman who tutored the whole town in higher level math from her dining table. She was pregnant a good deal of the time during my childhood and had 5-6 kids sitting with her in the chorus section. They were solid, but nothing like the kids or nuns in Sister Act.

10 Biggest Churches in Africa

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Still, it is a good commitment to be part of something, especially as a volunteer. I salute you, old St. Stephens Church chorus. Not that Catholics really need help filling the pews. They’ve managed to keep it rolling for the last 2,000 or so years. But what about other Christian faiths around the world? What are the 10 biggest churches in Africa? Well, we’ve got the list for you. You may also enjoy the 10 Biggest Churches in Asia.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world by numbers, so for our list, we will go for the number of attendance as the basis of our rankings. As always, in our research we had to seek help from several sources. Fortunately for this article, we got the most help from Leadnet, where Mr. Warren Bird Ph.D. has put together a very interesting and important document that lists all the largest churches around the world. The next part we merely had to rank these megachurches according to the number of attendees. Without further ado, let’s get started on the biggest churches in Africa.