10 Best Websites Like Coursera, Udacity and Other MOOCs

I had a resentment for the kids at college who had their own car, a bottomless pit of cash and unconditional moral support from their parents and didn’t have the need for the 10 best websites like Coursera, Udacity and other MOOCs. Twenty years later, I sit thinking I wasted so much money when I didn’t have the wherewithal to balance a light wallet with good grades and an inherent interest in certain courses. I may have gotten an A in philosophy 101, but I didn’t get the love out of it that I should have. It didn’t stick, and that was because I was trying to get by and get out and get a job! Now, however, I have a lot of time on my hands and a little bit of cash. I can actually give the time to a philosophy class that it deserves. Perhaps give my children some words of love and advice before they take off to school? There is a rise in MOOC’s – no, not cow pukes – Massive Open Online Courses. It’s ideal in a few aspects, like convenience, reach, content, and in some cases – price. But there’s still a ways to go – people are less likely to look upon online coursework respectable. Lots of entrants to the niche but none a runaway hit.

If you can overlook the lack of clout of an MOOC, then you’d actually be a prime learner. Gaining new skills for a lower price and shorter time than by going to University, look here: 10 best websites like Coursera, Udacity and other MOOCs. In addition to the self-satisfaction that accompanies newly acquired skills, you’re also more likely to land a job with a bigger salary and opportunities for further development. With the increase of technology and internet development, you can access that spectrum of information and knowledge anyplace and anytime.

10 Best Websites Like Coursera, Udacity and Other MOOCs

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If you want to move past the lighter aspects of MOOC’s, you can take on more challenging material that’s offered alongside tests and assignments, which lead to diplomas and certificates. Not bad for some people, if it only involves simply sitting in front of their computer. Some come with certificates and other proofs of accomplishment, which can be accepted as coursework in various universities worldwide.

All of the MOOCs below are in partnership with *some* of the world’s best universities and educational institutions. By signing in, you automatically become the part of the learning community lead by top instructors from all around the world. MOOCs are directly provided with video and readable content from university partners, so you can be sure that you will get an accurate learning experience.

Our list of the 10 best websites like Coursera, Udacity and Other MOOCs is based on MOOCs by numbers which ranks courses based on the number of registered users. For the ones we didn’t have specific registered user data for these spots, we used feedback data from MOOCLab platform league table which ranked MOOCs based on the number and quality of available courses, quality of provided materials and instructions and awarding and recognition of course certificates or credits earned by finishing it.

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Without further ado, let’s read about those best websites for online learning!