10 Best States For Sociologists

If you’re looking for a new place to call home and you need somewhere that suits your career, this list of the best states for sociologists can serve as your guide.

It’s always best to live somewhere that makes sense for your job and can provide the best quality of life. Writers can live pretty much anywhere with wifi or a notebook, but farmers probably can’t live in the city and be able to also tend to their crops. This means you have to take a look at a place that can give you a good education and also provide you with a job. There’s no sense in living in a place where you can’t be employed for what you want to do. It seems like it’ll make your life harder.

10 Best States For Sociologists


Sociologists study society and social behavior through examining a specific group, culture, organization, or institution. They process the development when people interact and work together. You might have taken a required class on this if you went to college. Or maybe it even interested you enough to major in it. Most sociologists work in research organizations, colleges, universities, or state and local governments. It’s mostly a research-based job, so if you go into this career you might find yourself working for a university teaching classes and conducting research. It’s along the lines of social work since they tend to fall within the same department, and you can check out our list of the 25 Best States for Social Workers if that’s more your speed.

In order to become a sociologist, you need a degree. However, most sociology jobs, since they tend to be at the university level, require a postgraduate degree. US News ranked the best universities for sociology and found that the top three are Princeton, UC Berkeley, and the University of Wisconsin, which is important to note. Once you’ve completed your degree and you enter the working world, you’ll want your time to be paid off. This means you’ll want to be in a place that offers a good salary and a fairly low cost of living. We grabbed that data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s important to note that there is a stark difference between salaries for sociologists and sociology teachers, so we calculated the average between those two within each state to get our final number. We averaged the salary with the cost of living index to provide a good scope for whether or not it’s cost effective to live somewhere. There’s no use in making an average salary if the cost of living is through the roof. The states at the top of the list cost less and pay more.

Without further ado, pack your bags and head off into the 10 Best States for Sociologists.