10 Best Service Dog Breeds For PTSD

Dogs are great for a variety of reasons, as evidenced in our list of the 10 best service dog breeds for PTSD.

Dogs can pretty much cure anything. Unless you’re allergic, which is a great tragedy, dogs can solve all your problems and be a great comfort to anything you could possibly be going through. I am never more serene than when a dog is in my presence. I’m proud of service dogs because they tolerate wearing the vests (I’ve never been able to get one of my dogs to tolerate a sweater) and they’re so loving toward their owner. They’re incredibly smart.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is common in military veterans or anyone who has gone through a traumatic incident. It’s prevalent in veterans because of the combat they endured. It’s something that should be taken seriously, but is often hard to understand, which is why service dogs are a great help.

10 Best Service Dog Breeds For PTSD


There are various types of PTSD that necessitate different therapy approaches to suit the individual. These include Normal Stress Response, Acute Stress Disorder, Uncomplicated PTSD, Comorbid PSTD, and Complex PTSD. About 8 percent of Americans have PTSD and the number is growing as more people are either aware of it or going through traumatic incidents.

Veterans/those with PTSD tend to get service dogs not just for companionship, but for a specific purpose. Depending on the type of PTSD, there are different types of service dogs that suit the need. Some dogs are trained for specific needs, like for vision, hearing, mobility assistance, diabetic alert, seizure alert/response, etc. Just like on our list of the 11 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds for Anxiety, we have to find out what dogs suit the specific need. Service dogs are well-trained according to the skill they’re focused on. Service dogs must be reliable and have good temperament and obedience. In order to create this list, we selected dogs that are easy to train and checked federal laws for service dogs. We gathered some of the top choices from Reddit, PetBreeds, and PetGuide.

If you’re looking for a service dog to help you through a difficulty, keep reading for the 10 best services dog breeds for PTSD.