10 Best Selling Smartphones in the World: 2016 Rankings

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It wasn’t that long ago when the world changed completely with the release of the first smartphone, and now we can’t even imagine our lives without them, so we’re going to take a look and see just which are the 10 best selling smartphones in the world: 2016 rankings.

Similarly, a few years back when you were searching for a good smartphone you’d just check to see whether it had a decent camera and if it didn’t get stuck every other minute. Nowadays, things have changed considerably, and there’s so much more to look at. From the hardware involved, to what type of screen it has, to how long the battery lasts, to how much storage room it has, to how thin it is, how light it is, how fast it is and so on.

Best Selling Smartphones in The US 2015 Rankings

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We’re also going to jump in and talk about the operating system since those are also quite important, and you should take all into consideration when buying a new smartphone. After all, when talking about Android, at least, some smartphones will get prioritized when getting system updates. Furthermore, the newer the device, the more chances you have to get system updates frequently and for a longer period of time.

If you want, you can also check out the 10 best selling smartphones in the world: 2015 rankings and see which ones ruled the globe last year.

Now we’re going to check and see just which of the best smartphones in the world made the cut when it comes to sales. For the information we needed we checked in with Counterpoint, a technology market research firm, which analyses the global industry from all over the world, although its headquarters are in Hong Kong. Without further ado, here are the 10 best selling smartphones in the world: 2016 rankings.

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