10 Best Selling Handmade Items in 2017

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In our list of 10 best selling handmade items in 2017, you’ll discover a list of some of the most unique items, and the shops that sell them.

To bring you this list, we consulted Etsy, the creative haven for buyers and sellers everywhere. Through this site, makers can set up shops and sell the items they’ve crafted to online customers. Some of the most amazing handmade items can be found on Etsy, but for this list, we also needed handmade items that were made in 2017.

10 Best Selling Handmade Items in 2017


To determine this, we looked at the date each seller’s shop was created. This can be found in the right hand corner of a shop’s description. We only ranked shops that said “On Etsy since 2017.” There’s no way to know what month in 2017 each shop was created in, although the newest posted items always appear at the top of each sellers list of items.

The only factor left was “best selling.” For this, we simply looked at the number of positive reviews each shop had. Unlike Amazon reviews, Etsy reviews don’t count towards each individual item being reviewed. Every review for every item goes into a general reviews section in each shop’s description. We ranked only shops that had over 50 positive 5 star reviews, which is a lot of positive reviews to acquire in only 5 months. (Who knows how many reviews these shops will have by the end of 2017.) And since nothing negative was said about any of these shops or the items sold in them, a lot of customers must have been very pleased.

Since we didn’t have pictures of each handmade item, we instead compiled pictures of skilled makers and craftsmen who devote deep concentration and much time to making the items they love. We wanted to applaud them. And if you’re inspired by these photos, maybe you can read our list of 10 best things to sell on Etsy to make money and become one yourself.

So here goes. 10 best selling handmade items in 2017.

10. Men’s Neckties

shop: Groomsland

60 five star reviews

The floral, trendy neckties made by Groomsland are perfect for the floral, vintage wedding theme that’s all the rage this season. There are also stick pin lapels, handkerchiefs and wedding invitations made and sold in this shop.

10 Best Selling Handmade Items in 2017

Pixabay/Public Domain

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