10 Best Prank Call Youtube Channels

If you still like old school pranks, then check out our list of best prank call YouTube channels. They will surely make your day better.

I really forgot how prank calls can be extremely funny. While doing the research for the article, I went through lots of prank call videos and channels and caught myself spending more time on watching the videos than doing some actual work. It made me remember the times when prank calls were a thing. You pick up a phone, dial your friend’s house and tell them they have won the lottery or something like that. Yeah, it was partially cruel, but it was also entertaining. Other popular targets were radio shows, customer supports, food deliveries and even emergency services. That was the time when people had old school phones that didn’t show the number of the caller. Now, it is a bit harder to pull off a great prank call. You have to go through the much bigger trouble.

Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock.com

Ruslan Guzov/Shutterstock.com

Ordinary people are not the only one getting prank called. In some cases, even the high profile political figures were victims of prank calls. A notable example is a prank call to Queen Elizabeth II made by Pierre Brassard, radio host from Canada, who managed to make her believe she was talking with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. The call took place just before Quebec independence referendum in 1995. They had a 20-minute talk, and the Queen promised she will express her support for Canada’s unity. We wouldn’t try something similar since nowadays prank calls can get you in legal troubles. If you don’t mind the possible consequences, then find your inspiration for your next prank call on our list of 20 Funny Things to Say while Prank Calling.

In order to find the best prank call YouTube channels, we decided to roll up our sleeves and do all the hard work by ourselves. Ok, we admit it was enjoyable. We asked around a bit, but mostly we browsed through YouTube ourselves and tried to identify all the channels that have prank calls as their main (or one of main) topics. Then, after much laugh and tears, we ranked them according to the number of subscribers they have. Note that some of them may not be still active in terms of continuous updates. Let’s take a look at our list of best prank call YouTube channels.