10 Best Places To Visit in Portugal Before You Die

 We love this list of the best places to visit in Portugal before you die. There are surely more than ten, that we know for a fact, but for any newbie getting their feet wet in Portugal, this list will get you by just fine.

Portugal is still not on the very quintessential list of European countries to visit, and that’s why it is all that more attractive. While it’s certainly not off the beaten track, the places here won’t be as crowded as the famous neighboring countries.

Portugal seems to have it all, incredible beaches featuring some of the best sand and seas that Europe offers, and idyllic islands to get away from it all. There’s surely ancient history brimming at many of the spots on this list providing not only magnificent views and picture-perfect moments, but also giving you the opportunity to understand the country better.

Arseniy Krasnevsky/Shutterstock.com

Arseniy Krasnevsky/Shutterstock.com

Now, is Portugal safe? Yes, overall it is very safe. Just take your everyday precautions that you would do naturally and do a  bit of research before jetting off, just as you would do before visiting any other country. There are so many places in the world like places to visit in Ecuador before you die, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and Croatia, all posing their own safety issues that are good to be aware of, but nothing to ruin your holiday.

Portugal is inundated with picturesque nature at its best, friendly people, amazing food, and architectural interests galore. So what are the best places to visit in Portugal before you die, already? Let’s see…