10 Best Places to Retire in Washington

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If you pick one of these 10 best places to retire in Washington, you will have many advantages. Firstly, the Pacific Ocean is near if you want to take a swim and secondly, Canada’s border is 2-hour drive tops, in case that Donald Trump wins the Presidential Elections.

Washington is 18th largest and 13th most populous state in the United States. The state is often divided into two parts, Eastern and Western Washington, because of the obvious differences in terrain and climate, between the two. While Western Washington has a mild climate with warm summers and cool winters, Eastern Washington has a more extreme climate. In Eastern Washington, the winters are way colder, and summers are hotter than in the Western part. Also, while Eastern Washington has a significant snowfall during the winter, Western Washington has minimal or none. For those who wish for steadier climate, check out these 10 best places to retire in Vermont.

 Best Places to Retire in Washington

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You should be aware that living in Washington isn’t cheap. The cost of living is 17% more expensive than the U.S. average, while prices of rent and housing are just slightly above the U.S. average. The health care isn’t the best you can get since there is a lower number of physicians per capita than the U.S. average and health costs are 13% more expensive than the average. But, we shouldn’t focus on the downsides. So let’s discover 10 best places to retire in Washington.

To get the list of the places that are most convenient for retirees, we checked the 20 most livable places (with a population greater than 5,000) in the state according to Area Vibes . We then used Sperling’s Best Places and U.S. Census to check the number of physicians per capita (100,000), crime rates, the number of residents aged 65 years and over, and the cost of living in each of these places. After calculating the separate rankings for these factors, we assigned points to each place and then summed them up in our Retirement Score. Enjoy our list!

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